About Us

Phoenix Artistry & Design is the missing link between form and function. We specialize in elevating your home or business with custom epoxy, which allows your space to become an elegant piece of functional art. Each project is one-of-a-kind, designed especially for you by owner and artist, Heather-Sue Cribb.

Heather-Sue's background is in trauma and critical care nursing but she has always had a passion for creating art. She enjoys creating unique items that are both beautiful, functional and create a welcoming ambiance to any space. 

She is also an entrepreneur who has found her niche in the beauty industry as a certified and accredited Lash Stylist. When she gets a moment to relax, Heather-Sue is an avid traveler who enjoys hiking and camping in the great outdoors. And last but most significantly are her greatest loves, her partner Carlos and their amazing little French Bulldog named Willow.